The Deane Group of companies pushes the limits of technology and innovation to provide effective solutions of the utmost quality. With the highest of ethical standards and pure dedication to excellence in all operational aspects, we aspire to exceed our customers’ expectations. We recognize one of the most challenging issues to date is environmental conservation, and are uncompromising in our dedication to this integral element in all our business activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

1. Green Energy

2. Environmentally friendly products

3. Sustainable products

4. Locally sourced products where practical

5. Innovative and inclusive (locally and socially) business practices

Property Services

Our Property Maintenance services are exceptional, with outstanding responsiveness, highly-skilled employees, and excellent follow up and reasonable prices. At Deane Property Management we recognize that your property’s appearance is a reflection on you as an owner and on us as your Property Maintenance firm. We take that responsibility seriously!

HR & Business Support Services

Deane HR & Business Support is a leading Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) firm catering to small to medium-sized enterprises. Deane HR & Business Support specializes in providing end-to-end Human Resources Business Support Services (HR BSS) to HR departments for companies with 50 to 5,000 employees. We help organizations outsource several of their HR activities to a single source, providing a cost-effective, process-driven, and closed-loop solution to HR challenges.

Recruitment & Staffing

At global HR specialists we are experienced in dealing with the staffing challenges faced by companies. Our promise is to offer effective solutions that meet our clients’ needs. All of our recruiters are highly experienced and offer customized services based on your needs. We promise to ensure the placement of competent and trained individuals in your company. We specialize in the placement of industrial workers and also workers in areas of business such as Administration and Human Resources. We believe in providing the best value possible.


Business Development is crucial for any company that intends to continue sustain its market position and market share. Business Development enables companies to expand their lines of business through new products & services, additional market segments, strategic partnerships & alliances and an extensive global market reach. We play a vital role in addressing these challenges and help clients by advising on the most suitable opportunities to follow after eliminating several alternatives through detailed mapping of their products & services, business plans and using our knowledge of their respective industries. Moreover we offer clients multiple options & solutions to transform potential opportunities into viable revenue streams.

Personal Development

Our Resume writing services has helped many of our clients gain interviews and jobs. Our experienced HR & Recruitment professionals have developed a wealth of knowledge in Resume Writing and Interview Coaching over the years. We aim to provide a great, professional service whilst also delivering value and very competitive pricing! Once we have created your new Resume you will be surprised at the improvements! We will communicate your achievements and experience in a clear, concise & professional way that will make potential employers take notice! We also provide excellent after service including tips of job searching and a follow up service to rate your satisfaction!


Deane Exteriors have several years’ experience in home improvements, which should make us your number 1 choice. We use only the best quality materials in the industry, covered by our extensive guarantee. Roof restoration is your first line of defense against roof damage and deterioration. It can save you from costly future repairs, but more importantly will transform the appearance of your home. Have one of our consultants come out to do a full roof inspection and discuss your needs and requirements today!

Roof and Facade Maintenance

Our facade engineers work on the highest caliber projects, providing innovative solutions that meet both performance and aesthetic requirements. Our expertise covers all phases of a project, from inception to completion. We work both on new buildings facades and on existing buildings for restoration, analysis and evaluation of impacts of HVAC systems, heat, air and moisture on the building enclosure. Our experts understand the risks related to façade engineering and construction and we provide the best possible risk mitigation solutions to our clients.

Power Storage

Power back up systems are lucrative, easy to use solutions against black outs and power fluctuations. Different old-style generators, they can be installed inside in a closet, require no fuel, running costs or maintenance, and are fully automatic.